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Jacent Wamala, M.S. LMFT turned Money Mindset Coach on her journey that tripled her income and enabled her to pay of $90k in 3 years before her 30th birthday.


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Reset problematic money mindsets and rewire your mindset for financial success.

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About me

I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Together we will solve the money, mindset, and business problems holding you back.

“If money were about math, we’d all be millionaires by now. It’s about so much more. It’s about the things we learned about money growing up and the limiting beliefs holding us back from creating a new legacy for future generations. You can and will be the game changer in your family history.”

Hey Queen, I’m Jacent, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist turned Money Mindset Coach. I was born in Uganda but raised in Las Vegas and have a deep passion to serve women like you. In my work as a Therapist I realized how many women were mentally and emotionally affected by their finances. It held them back from doing what they love and creating the life of their dreams. Personally, I went into over $70,000 in student loans and credit card debt after getting divorced and losing my father just months later, the “grief storm” left me emotionally bankrupt and financially overwhelmed.

I know what it feels like to struggle with money. To live paycheck to paycheck and have nothing to show for your hard work. It’s no way to live, especially when you know you have a higher calling on your life. I know many women feel the same and it’s my mission to support them in making their dreams a reality.

jacent wamala

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What My Students are Saying

“I have tried working with people in the past and a lot just do a lot of promises and take your money and run 🏃! But there was something different about you. It was a God moment. Since we have been working together, I have paid of Almost $19k in car loan and credit card debt. I'm currently working on launching a podcast and a Profit first business. I like how transparent and relatable Jacent is. I can talk to her about anything. She listens and offers constructive feedback. I think being able to have a community with like-minded people helps me want to do better. “
"Last summer, I had an epiphany. I make decent money and I have no dependents. Yet, I felt like I never saw any of it after bills. It wasn’t until I sat down and calculated my own debt (which was more than I thought) that I realized I too needed to get with the program. I started off my debt snowball by paying off orthodontia, then the remaining balance on my car followed by $15,000 in credit card debt. In one year I made roughly $25,000 in debt payments. I am officially at my halfway mark, the remainder of which is in student loans. Whenever I paid something off I would talk to Jacent about it. She would question my feelings surrounding my latest accomplishment, and help me establish my next milestone. Jacent kept me goal oriented, and encouraged me."
“I call her my accountability partner/mentor. I started her 30 day money challenge in January and saved $1,000 before the 30 days was up. She helped me realize I made good money, but I was a reckless spender. I spent money on things I didn’t need just to make me feel better.”
“Jacent is so inspiring when it comes to living life to the fullest. Her dedication to the debt free journey is the motivation I needed to start mine. Her consistency and positivity has greatly impacted my life. She was the key that unlocked my door to true happiness. Her journey inspired me to start my journey to independence. Debt was a large part of why my situation wasn’t changing. Living paycheck to paycheck is something that most millennials experience. With the lack of communication surrounding finance, Jacent was not afraid to share her journey of becoming debt free. Saving and living within your means might sound like a simple task however, it takes mental strength and discipline to follow through. As of 2020 I was able to pay off $3500 in credit card debt and it hasn’t stopped there. I plan on paying off my student loans and moving out on my own. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful soul who has helped me to stay on track to financial freedom. I aspire to have more of these values but I am also grateful I have a mentor who cares enough to spread this knowledge.”